Logging in

Use the email and password provided by The Scan Station to login.
If successful, this will lead you to the dashboard.
If you have forgotten your password, please click the forgotten password button on the page.


The dashboard will present all surveys connected with your account.
You can easily search for a specific survey using the filter in the bottom right.
Click on a survey to open the detailed view.

Survey View

Survey view allows you to see all details of the survey and access links/files.

Survey links and files

Under survey links and files you can access the assets uploaded for the given survey.

For links, you are able to click on the link button on the right. This will open the link in the external site allowing you to view the content. You can continue to download the files from the external site.

For files, you can either click the link button the open the link in the external site or you can click the download button to download the file locally.

Change history

The change history table allows you to see any changes made to the survey and see the previous versions.
This includes the name, date and description.